What Beard Products Are Right For Me?

As somebody who has been using Beard products before beards once again became a cultural phenomenon, I can assure you that they work, but only when used right.

This article will help you figure out whether Beard products are right for you, and if so, what to look for in a beard product.


That all depends on your lifestyle and Beard centric tendencies. See, I went on living my bearded life for a mighty long time without using any Beard products. I originally started using Argan hair oil and Coconut oil. My reasoning back then was that "if my girlfriend uses it and it makes her hair look great, why not my beard?". I also experimented with oils like castor oil and Jojoba oil in crusade to have a better looking lumberjack beard.

So, what did this do for me? Not much. There is a mighty good reason for that too. See, I simply slapped these things on periodically and hoped that my beard gains were gargantuan. It wasn't until much later that I started to realize the importance of having a proper Beard grooming and Beard styling routine depending on what I wanted to get out of my beard and Beard products.

I have met plenty of people that have one of those envy worthy Beards that we all dream about, and when asked, some have gone on to explain that they have never touched a beard product in their life. I have learned that some people simply have perfect things without proper care...the person that brushes their teeth once a day and has zero cavities, the people have zero need for gel to style their picture perfect hair, the people that need zero help in growing the facial hair worthy of viking godship. Then again, I've also met those that have a perfect Beard, yet they love their Beard products and have a strict Beard grooming routine.

Beard products are perfect for you, if you integrate them into your daily routine. Making Beard styling and grooming part of your persona is what helps those products do the work they were created to do.

So the question is: How serious are you about maintaining a well groomed Beard? Do you like it to have a healthy shine? Be itch free? And have a beard shaped like that of a Norse god? Then chances are, you will have to take care of it.


Throughout the years I have tried all kinds of beard products; Beard oil, Beard serums, Beard balm, Beard butter, Beard growth formulas, Beard softener, Beard wash, Beard conditioner, Beard shampoo, Beard soap, Beard anything...just to name a few.

As the years went on and Beard products started to fill the digital space, I can safely say that through trial, error, and research, I was able to come to a very important conclusion; The most effective Beard products tend to use similar ingredients:

Jojoba oil - The go to carrier oil for Beard products. Helps increase Beard hair health, promotes growth, great for the skin, and naturally contains Vitamin E.

Almond oil - Another very common oil found in Beard products because of its benefits. Great for hair, even better for your skin, and helps kill germs that prevent hair growth.

Coconut oil - one of the most commonly used oils in most Beard products, cosmetics, and hair products alike. Amazing for both Beard hair and your skin. Promotes Beard hair health and growth.

Apricot-Kenrnel oil - This oil is very common in both Beard and hair products. It is known for its excellent and moisturizing power.

Argan oil - One of the most effective oils for beard hair health, strength, and growth. A total powerhouse of an oil filled with endless benefits.

Shea Butter - The best thing about Shea Butter is its moisturizing power. Shea Butter helps in the growth of beard hair by conditioning the skin under it.

Beeswax - simply put, beeswax protects, molds, and allows your beard hair to still be able to breath in the process. A gift from mother nature.

And so on...


When creating Age of Beard Products, we made sure to work with suppliers that not only handle these ingredients with care, but also avoid putting these ingredients through heat treatments that nullify their beneficial properties. Staying away from ultra refined and chemically washed ingredients is a must when buying Beard products. Next time you are considering a new company to restock your dwindling beard supplies, make sure to ask questions like:

1. Are your beard products made up of all natural and organic ingredients?

2. Are any of these ingredients ultra refined or chemically washed?

3. Do you use preservatives? Detergents? Animal oils?

4. Are these ingredients sourced from responsible US based companies?

5. Do you guys use ingredients that have been extracted through a heated process?

The questions above are key in figuring out what your next Beard products should be. Another good and simple way to identify bad Beard products is by reading the label and making sure it doesn't read like pharmaceutical product. If the ingredients are nearly impossible to pronounce and can't be read without taking a breath in between, you shouldn't buy it. At Age of Beard we make sure to leave out chemicals, detergents, and preservatives that cause irritation, Beard hair damage, split ends, and ingrown hairs. Always choose all natural and organic from responsible companies.

We hope you find this article helpful when making your next purchase and deciding to let that manly Beard grow. Join the discussion by leaving a comment below and sharing on social media. Remember to take advantage of our free shipping when you spend $25 and to use coupon code: iloveaob at checkout for a 10% off your total purchase.

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