Top 10 benefits of grooming your beard and using beard products.

If you have ever read one of our blog posts, then you know how we feel about the proper grooming of your beard. One of the biggest complaints that I get from others when speaking about the beard culture, is that beards are sometimes associated with grime, dirt, and an overall lack of cleanliness…a stereotype that has died down over the years, but still persists in some today. This blog post will go over the top 10 benefits of grooming your beard and how the proper use of beard products is a big part of that.


First, let’s talk about the essential tools needed to maintain those manly manes. Unlike men that have to shave on a daily basis, beard grooming tends to be a lot easier with a way lower maintenance cost. The current prices of razors is through the roof and shaving products tend to run out in a couple of weeks to a month, unlike beard products, which can last up to 3 months. In order to have a simple get up and go routine, you will need some essential beard products and grooming tools:

#1. Beard specific Comb & Boar Bristle Brush.

We recommend that you look for a comb and brush that is made specifically for beards. We specifically created our beard comb and beard brush to meet the needs of all beard styles. A good beard comb should be made out of wood for a few reasons; 1. It’s more durable 2. If cut correctly, the small grooves within the teeth will help spread your natural oils throughout your beard with each passing 3. A beard comb is still the number one used tool for molding and shaping one’s beard. After the beard comb, we recommend a board bristle beard brush. See, natural board bristle is great for straightening hair without damaging it. Boar bristle also helps thoroughly clean and straighten, while heavily molding your beard.

#2. Beard oil! Beard oil! Beard oil!

Beard oil is the holy grail of all beard products. An intoxicating blend of carrier oils that encourage growth, strength, and cleanliness, all while moisturizing and repairing your beard hairs. It is simple to apply and it is considered the first layer of protection against the elements. Fragranced beard oil only adds to this by giving your beard a light scent for hours to come. Beard oil, by far, is the number one recommended beard product by any company…heck, our whole industry is built upon it.

#3. Beard Balm, the most underappreciated beard product!

Unlike its big brother beard oil, beard balm seems to sometimes be forgotten. There is a small misconception in the beard community that you have to choose between these two, when in fact, they work best together. For intents and purposes, beard balm is a leave in conditioner with the same benefits as beard oil. Beard balm creates a second layer of protection on your beard that is easily washed away at the end of the day, not to mention that it usually has beeswax and shea butter in order to help mold your beard even better than beard oil.

#4. Beard soap, the ultimate beard wash.

If you’re a fan, then you know we hate beard wash. Beard soap has a much higher potential to stay away from chemicals and detergents, while remaining extremely effective. Beard soap is an essential part of every beard grooming routine because it gets rid of the grime and helps keep those hairs moisturized. There is nothing nastier than a stinky and dirty beard…let’s face it, no woman likes that on their man. Beards tend to collect a lot of grime; therefore, a chemical and detergent free beard soap is the answer to all your bearded problems. This is the main reason we make detergent and chemical free beard soap out of natural ingredients like goat’s milk, carrier oils, and charcoal.


The following benefits are the main reason we created Age of Beard and all of our handcrafted beard products. We want to be able to provide effective tools and natural ingredients that stay away from the mainstream and the chemicals that come with it. Here are our top 10 benefits.

BENEFIT #1 NO MORE ITCHING, SCRATCHING, AND TEMPTATION TO SHAVE – That’s right boys, we have found the formula to stop you from shaving that itchy beard…it’s called a grooming routine that take 5 minutes to follow: wash, brush, comb, apply products, comb again. It helps keep away the itch by promoting a healthier, smoother, and much cleaner beard.

BENEFIT #2 NO MORE DREADED BEARDRUFF – Is your beard flaking out? Literally. There are two main reasons why beards flake out: 1. Lack of cleanliness 2. Lack of moisture (leading to dry skin and hairs). Beard oil, beard balm, and beard soap help solve this by promoting cleanliness and also preventing both your hair and skin from drying out.

BENEFIT #3 NO MORE SMELLY AND STINKY BEARDS – There is nothing less attractive than some dude with a nasty, stinky, and spiky beard. Scented beard products help eliminate this in a big way. By continually cleaning your beard and using something as simple as scented beard oil, your beard will smell like heaven the whole day. Don’t like scented products? Fine, use unscented and be cleansed!

BENEFIT #4 NO MORE ROUGH HAIRS – Does your girlfriend hate being poked in the wrong places? See, beards tend to be a little unfriendly to uninvited guests trying to plant a smooch, this is why a little bit of beard oil goes a long way. Help soften those rough hairs and stop poking those who love you.

BENEFIT #5 NO MORE RASHES – Unless you have a nut allergy, the main reason why you develop the dreaded beard rash is because of rough hairs and dry/sensitive skin. Our beard products are made with sensitive skin in mind, and help remedy dry skin by using skin moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

BENEFIT #6 HEALTHIER AND BRIGHTER SHINE – Nothing draws more compliments than a healthy and shiny beard. A shiny beard is the result of natural oils doing their work on your facial hair. Beard oil and beard balm help this adding a continual stream of much needed carrier oils that keep those hairs looking healthy.

BENEFIT #7 EASIER TO MOLD AND STYLE – Beard products like the boar bristle beard brush work best on beards that have softer and more moldable hair. This is attained from the use of beard oil and beard balm on a regular basis. Grooming your beard not only increases its overall health, but also, its overall style.

BENEFIT #8 MORE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE – Beards tend to come with a stigma of someone that doesn’t take care of themselves. Having a proper grooming routine and using beneficial beard products helps your beard (and the beard community) become more socially acceptable, especially in the work place.

BENEFIT #9 LADIES LOVE COOL BEARDS – That’s right! The world definitely seems to be in love with beards these days. Our beards can easily be a chick magnet, with the condition that we don’t look like hobos. Just like women love a well put together guy, they also love a well-groomed one too.

BENEFIT #10 LONGER LASTING PRODUCTS THAT DON’T BREAK THE BANK – Unlike with shaving, beard brushes and combs don’t need to be replaced every month. Beard oil for the most part can last you up to three months, and the same goes for beard balm and beard soap. A shaving kit needs a monthly fill-up, while a beard kit will last you a couple of months depending on the size. Having a beard, even a high maintenance one, is still way cheaper than shaving!


We hope that you enjoyed this article and got some good beard advice from us here at Age of Beard. We invite you to always join the conversation here and on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe and share with that special beard in your life.

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