Best Beard Products Spotlight: The Essentials, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Soap

If I were to recall the most common question that our fans have consistently asked throughout the previous years, I would answer with the reasoning behind the name of one our most popular beard kits: The Essentials Beard Kit. As someone who got serious about beard care and at one point decided to not only grow out my beard, but, also maintain it as an ode to manliness, I have also asked; “What are the best beard products to start with?”

This article will cover what I consider to be the essentials of beard care. I will go over the three beard products that no beardsman should be without, and explain why they are key to a healthy and strong beard.

(pictured: The Essentials Beard Kit)

So, what is so essential about these so called “essential” beard products? Everything, but most importantly, the fact that they work together to increase your overall beard health, strength, cleanliness, and style.


No surprise here, as beard oil is indeed the holy grail of beard products. Beard oil can be broken down into three factors:

1. Primary Carrier Oil(s) – This is the primary oil that is used in the final beard oil formula. Most beard products have 1 or 2 different oils that make up half of the formula. We personally like to use Jojoba and Almond oil, which are known for their protective, hydrating, and moisturizing power. I would also like to note that these oils are rich in Vitamin E, making them essential for both hair and skin.

2. Secondary Carrier Oils – These oils play a secondary role in the beard oil formula by providing secondary effects. Oils like castor, hemp, and argan are known to encourage beard growth and strength, while continually hydrating and protecting the hairs all the way down to the follicles. Common oils often used in beard oil formulas are: Apricot oil, safflower oil, hemp oil, castor oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, and coconut oil.

3. Essential Oil(s) – These oils come together to create a fragrance. Depending on the essential oil used, they are believed to have special properties that help increase energy, create better blood flow, encourage a more relaxed attitude. These oils are widely used in the massage/aroma industry for the aforementioned reasons.

4. Bonus: Vitamin E Oil – We add this oil as a bonus, because of the fact that we like to add a dash of vitamin E oil all our beard products. Vitamin E is essential for blood flow and stimulation that leads to stronger, healthier, and thicker hair.

Now you can see why beard oil is such an essential part of our bearded lives. Beard oil can be applied daily, by simply pouring a dime to quarter sized (depending on beard size) amount onto the palm of your hands and massaging it into your beard all the way down the follicle.

Take Away: Beard oil helps moisturize, revitalize, condition, and style.


The most underrated, misunderstood, and yet necessary beard product (and our favorite!). Beard balm can be considered the solid form of beard oil. Beard balm also adds two essential ingredients to the mix:

1. Shea Butter – Is an all-natural butter extracted from the African shea tree. This ingredient is essential in moisturizing the skin under your hair in order to keep it hydrated and help in keeping away bearditch/druff. In combination with beeswax, it also creates a protective layer around your beard that helps prevent dirt and grime from seeping into your follicles. Not to mention, it allows you to better mold and style your beard.

2. Beexwax – We can thank those banana colored sting ready flying monsters we call bees, for this ingredient. Beeswax also helps in the moisturizing of your skin, while allowing easier styling on your beard. As mentioned above it also helps create an extra protective layer that keeps dirt and grime away from the inside of your beard, therefore increasing overall cleanliness.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, beard balm is a must in every beardsman toiletry bag. This beard product truly helps increase the overall cleanliness of your beard by preventing dirt and grime from seeping into your beard and also allowing for all of that grime to be easily washed away. Beard balm also helps you better style your beard by keeping those pesky beard hairs in their place without it feeling like a hardening gel.

Take Away: Beard balm helps shape, style, moisturize, and condition.


The last essential part of this bearded trio is one of our fan favorites: The Beard Soap! As some of you might know by now, Age of Beard hates beard wash. Beard soap is the answer, for a couple of reasons:

1. No Detergents – That’s right! Beard soap can easily be made without detergents. So always look for detergent free beard soap. Detergents will harm your hair over an extended period of time, therefore preventing you from using it on a daily basis. Detergent free beard soap can be used on the daily and as long as it is kept dry, it will last.

2. Ingredients like Goat’s Milk – Soaps easily allow for the use of ingredients like goat’s milk, which is gentle, moisturizing, cleansing, and conditioning all wrapped up into one power ingredient. Smooth skin, clean hair, and strong hairs…what more can you ask for?

3. Carrier Oils – Our old friends are back. Carrier oils like coconut oil and almond oil are common ingredients in beard soaps. Carrier oils, as mentioned above, are essential to all beard product formulas.

Beard soap is an essential part of the bearded trio, as it is what helps keep that beard clean and ready for loving…did we mention? It helps soften those pesky hairs!

Take Away: Beard soap helps clean, shampoo, condition, and soften.


Now you can see why these beard products are so essential to beard care. They all have some amazing results in their own right, but when combined, the results are simply better. So how do you go about applying them? In what order?

Simple: Start off your morning by washing off that beard with beard soap, add the beard oil, and seal it all with beard balm. At the end of your day, simply rinse it all off by applying some more beard soap and watch the nasty drain away. The results will show after a couple of days of use. Shinier, stronger, and cleaner beards are what ladies love and what these products help you achieve. This also helps those professional beards stay off the nasty beard stereotype radar.

Now that we have educated that beard on the essentials of beard care, go free and roam this life with a shiny, moisturized, conditioned, shampooed, and styled beard…don’t forget that lumberjack shirt and ax please.

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