Top 10 benefits of grooming your beard and using beard products.

May 1, 2017

If you have ever read one of our blog posts, then you know how we feel about the proper grooming of your beard. One of the biggest complaints that I get from others when speaking about the beard culture, is that beards are sometimes associated with grime, dirt, and an overall lack of cleanliness…a stereotype that has died down over the years, but still persists in some today. This blog post will go over the top 10 benefits of grooming your beard and how the proper use of beard products is a big part of that.




First, let’s talk about the essential tools needed to maintain those manly manes. Unlike men that have to shave on a daily basis, beard grooming tends to be a lot easier with a way lower maintenance cost. The current prices of razors is through the roof and shaving products tend to run out in a couple of weeks to a month, unlike beard products, which can last up to 3 months. In order to have a simple get up and go routine, you will need some essential beard products and grooming tools:


#1. Beard specific Comb & Boar Bristle Brush.

We recommend that you look for a comb and brush that is made specifically for beards. We specifically created our beard comb and beard brush to meet the needs of all beard styles. A good beard comb should be made out of wood for a few reasons; 1. It’s more durable 2. If cut correctly, the small grooves within the teeth will help spread your natural oils throughout your beard with each passing 3. A beard comb is still the number one used tool for molding and shaping one’s beard. After the beard comb, we recommend a board bristle beard brush. See, natural board bristle is great for straightening hair without damaging it. Boar bristle also helps thoroughly clean and straighten, while heavily molding your beard.  


#2. Beard oil! Beard oil! Beard oil!