How To Beard: Best Beard Style Tips That Work For You

March 8, 2017

As a fellow beardsman and product developer at Age of Beard, I know the struggles of the beard life first hand. Growing a beard is one of manliest and most exciting things you can do. But with great growth, comes great responsibility. This article will help you maneuver through the beard growth process like a champ, but most importantly, I will provide beard tips, recommendations, and a guide to help you find the right beard style.


There is nothing more exciting than growing out your beard for the first and seeing how you can look like a totally different person with this new found manliness growing from your face. Letting the facial hair roll is a rite of passage that all men should experience, whether you can grow a lumberjack’s beard or a simple mustache…you must experience it, mainly because the ladies love it! and that

is a fact.


Once you are deep into the growth process (takes a good 3 months or so), you will do what the vast majority of men do, google “best beard styles”. See, at this point you will have realized that growing a beard will naturally lead you to styling your beard, therefore learning that there are beard styling products, just like there are products for shaving and body care, you will need to do some maintenance to build a vigorous and healthy looking beard. Beard styles are plenty, but which beard style best fits you? And what products are right for me?


Well, for some giggles, let’s go ahead and look at this famous internet chart:



Don’t lie and say you haven’t seen it! we have all seen it, and as funny as we may think it is…there is some truth to it and you know it. See, even with so many beard styles, not all of them are right for you.


First, we need to figure out a couple of things by asking some questions. 1) What is your facial hair like? Is it smoother than silk? Or courser that a tumble weed? 2) Do you tend to have dry and flaky hair? Or maybe dry and flaky skin? 3) Are you rash and itch free? Maybe you want to shave that beard faster than you grew it. 4) Did you go ahead and style that beard like a pro, but now find that it itches and encourages ingrown hairs more often? These are all great questions that we will explore in this article.




We have all figured out by now that not all facial hair is created equal. Now, for those of you that don’t have any of the issues mentioned thus far…blessed be thy beard, but even you will need to wash it, comb it, and apply product like beard oil and beard balm in order to keep it shiny, healthy and smelling good for the ladies.


There are many benefits to using our all natural and organic beard styling products, as they help is different ways by not only helping you achieve a great looking beard, but they are also great for your hair follicle health and skin.


But, for the rest of us that are stuck with coarse and curling hair, here are some tips on your beard styles journey.


Curly Hair: figure out at what point does your beard hair start to curl. If your beard hair curls right around your jaw line, shorter and tighter beard styles will suit you best. A typical short and professional beard will be the best way to go, and if we are judging from our serious chart above; Hollywoodian, Duck Tail, Friendly Mutton Chops, Klingon, Short Boxed Beard, and Chin Curtain will be the easiest to maintain while looking sharp.


Now, how do you fight the beard curls with a longer beard? Try this grooming routine: 1. Wash your beard with beard soap (our beard soap is detergent free!) 2. Leave it a bit on the damp side 3. With our boar bristle brush and a blow dryer, start brushing out those curls 4. Apply a bit of our beard oil and proceed to repeating the previous step 5. Once you have straightened out those curls a bit, apply beard oil and then you must use beard balm in order to attain a better shape. Note: our