The Best Beard Oil, Now Formulated For Hair.

Making beard oil is not as easy as it seems. Sure, there are plenty of DIY guides out there (including our own), but when it comes to properly formulating a beard oil that is long lasting, fast acting, and effective…things can get a little complicated. You have to keep in mind that not all oils mix properly and adding a certain amount of an oil can dilute a formula enough to render some of the positive effects useless. This is why you have to be weary of competitors that claim their beard oil has 10, 15, or 20 different oils in one blend. More oils doesn’t mean better formulas, and we found out the hard way when we originally started formulating the first Age of Beard products.

The years have passed and our formula for beard oil has been well received and praised, by both fans and reviewers alike. So we wanted to reward our fans by further enhancing our beard product formulas and at the same time making it as effective for your head hair. Our famous beard oil is now as nourishing for beards as it is for your hair, something our fans have been asking for. So how did we do it?


The first step in creating a better beard oil formula, that can also be effectively used for your hair, is to simply balance the formula with higher quality ingredients. All of our oils have three things in common:

1. All Natural & Organic Only – Oils that are extracted in an all natural and organic approved process, will always retain the vital properties that make an effective beard oil formula more effective. These oils are always sourced from US suppliers in order to guarantee no chemicals or unwanted ingredients are added.

2. Never Extracted With Heat – In order for an oil to have a stronger effect, it needs to be extracted through a cold process. Once heat is applied at extraction, you run the risk of nullifying the important properties that make the beard oil formula effective.

3. Formulated With The Right Ingredients – Not all beard oils are created equal. In order to make a great beard oil formula that is as effective for your hair, you must have a correct balance of oils that not only provide nourishment, but also complement each other.

Age of Beard is dedicated to creating beard products that truly help your hair and beard stay healthy by keeping them moisturized, nourished, and growing. This is achieved by sticking to the promises above.


Even though all of the ingredients in our beard oil formula are important, three of them stand out. In order to increase our formula’s effectiveness for both Beard and Hair, we increased the amount of Jojoba, Coconut, and Argan we use in all of our beard products. As a quick reminder:

1. Jojoba Oil – Moisturizes, cleans, and enriches your beard and hair.

2. Coconut Oil – Moisturizes and condition your beard and hair.

3. Argan Oil – Ultimate beard and hair conditioner because it softens, strengthens, and revitalizes.

You can count on these three ingredients to do a lot of the heavy lifting within our formulas. Along with these wonderful oils, Age of Beard products also feature Almond oil, Apricot oil, and Castor Oil – all-stars that help make the beard oil of champions, now for hair!

We truly hope that you enjoy our new and improved beard oil formula, now also helping your head hair grow and stay strong. Remember to sign up in order to receive a constant 10% OFF on all purchases!

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