Our Famous Beard Oil. The Age Of Beard Story.

July 27, 2017

As a small token of our appreciation, we have reduced all Age of Beard premium beard oil by 20% until august. Through this blog post we will be talking about our top selling beard product and how Age of Beard managed to have a commercial with Shaquille O’Neal thanks to our famous handmade beard oil.



(Shaq and I at the commercial’s shoot)




Believe it or not, having a legendary celebrity do an amazing commercial for you doesn’t make you famous. See, Shaq took interest in our company because of our quality. As a company, we have always strived to keep an above average quality, and our beard oil helped us get there.


Age of Beard started like many businesses, as a hobby. First came the beard oil, then the beard balm, beard soap, mustache wax, and so on. Our beard oil was instantly loved, to the point that friends and family started encouraging us to set-up at the local farmers market and open up an online store. I officially created a company and decided to rent a spot at the farmers market, mostly selling our “family and friends” famous beard oil. Man was it a good idea, our beard oil was a hit even at an uber high price of $25.00 an oz (we had no concept of price and quality management back then…lol). Weekend after weekend we kept coming back and the orders kept rolling in both locally and on the website. This inspired us to become more serious about our beard products and really work on making the best beard oil possible. After months of re-working and re-thinking, we came up with an amazing beard oil formula that eventually evolved into our coined formula today. Our small company was now having its hometown (Miami, FL!!) beard oil being sold across the country in small boutiques, barbershops, and online. All thanks to our now famous beard oil made with the best damn all natural and organic oils a beard could ever want.




One of our goals from the beginning was to only use all natural and organic oils in our beard oil formula. Since we consider beard oil to be the “holy grail” of beard products, we made sure we put a lot of effort into making a perfect beard oil. We went to work and researched what makes a good beard oil and the conclusion was simple:





1. No preservatives.


2. No Chemicals.


3. A combination of natural and organic oils known for their amazing properties.


4. Approval of our community.


We spent months remixing formulas and reaching out to local experts that already made hair and body products that were proven high quality products. This hard work and dedication birthed our famous Age of Beard premium beard oil.

No matter how confident we were in our formula, the people had not spoken. This is where the farmers market and our friends and family came in. They put a BIG stamp of approval on our beard oil.