Beard Oil Buying Guide

July 17, 2017

Beard oil to a beardsman is like water to a camel, we can’t live without it. Beard oil is simply the holy grail of beard products because of its versatile use and amazing properties. I will be creating the ultimate guide for those of you looking to buy beard oil for personal use or for that special beard in your life. Make sure to use the coupon code at the bottom of the article if you would like to purchase Age of Beard’s own brand of beard oil.  




Beard oil is the simplest yet most effective beard product. Beard has been in use for centuries, from the Hebrew people (B.C.) all the way to the frontier men that helped map America (A.D.). Ancient civilizations used virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and even coconut oil to care for their beards.


Love the history lesson, but WTF does beard oil do?!


Simply put, beard oil moisturizes, revitalizes, conditions, and aids in the styling of your beard. See, beard oil is the ultimate beard product because of the fact that its main purpose is to increase the overall health of your beard. A strong beard oil formula will help your beard by aiding in its continual growth. You can expect the following from a good beard oil:


1. Moisturizer – Beard oil serves as a moisturizer by preventing dryness, hence preventing the dread beardruff and beard itch.


2. Revitalizer – Beard oil helps continually revitalize your hair by encouraging better hair strength, keeping the split ends at bay, and working all the way to the root of your hair.


3. Conditions – Beard oil also helps in the conditioning of your beard hair by preventing knots, hardened hairs, and by default, softening.


4. Styling – Beard oil also provides a light hold which increases the moldability of your beard. If you make a habit of continually using beard oil, your hair will soften and become less entangled, therefore aiding in the styling of your beard.




As you may know, Age of Beard is all about quality ingredients. We take pride in only using all natural and organic oils that work, unlike some, that use “filler” oils that simply do not have any good matching properties, just help save money.


We go out of our way to emphasis the importance of using oils that are known to have properties that encourage better hair health by truly moisturizing, revitalizing, and conditioning. Below, you will find a list of the top ten oils used in effective beard oil formulas. Some of our top competitors have a good reputa