Friendly Reminder: Best Beard Growing Advice! (original post on .com/r/beards)

Once in a while I like to post about Beard growth. I know it can sometimes be a controversial topic...specially when the market it flooded with magical "Beard growth" formulas...which are mostly untrue.

So for the new beardsmen and seasoned beardsmen alike, here are some Beard growth tips:

  1. Your diet. Bad eating habits not only mess with your body, but have also been proven to mess with your [facial] hair. If you're really pushing to grow a beard remember that eating foods rich in Vitamins and protein really do wonders for your Beard health.

  2. STOP using harsh detergents to wash your Beard. Shampoo, cheap soap, and body wash tend to kill the natural oils in your Beard and damage hair.

  3. Boar bristle is your friend! Have you noticed how popular boar bristle brushes are for beards? The reason is because they help spread natural oils within your facial hair, along with helping straighten hair without splitting/damaging.

  4. LET IT GROW. We all have patches...the difference between you and me is that I allowed my beard to grow for a couple of months in order to naturally cover my patches. Don't go trim or shave crazy. Let your Beard grow out over a couple of months and then go see a professional barber for your first trim/shape up/shave.

  5. Not everyone can grow a lumberjack Beard. By letting your Beard grow, you can decide what kind of beard fits your growth pattern. Work on it.

  6. Do not overload yourself with products. I have a beard company and I sell Beard my advice is: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, until you can figure out what best suits your needs. Maybe Beard oil will be more than enough. Maybe Beard soap is perfect. Or maybe you won't need anything. Wait and find out.

  7. Don't get ripped off. There is NO magical Beard growth formula. Products that promise this are dishonest. If what they say is true...they would be a trillion dollar industry....just off r/beards alone lol.

  8. Finally, to end this wall of text. When buying products make sure that you look out for staple ingredients like Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Hemp oil, and so on (a quick Google search will give you a plethora of information).

Hope this helps!

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