Why Your Beard Needs To Have A Proper Care Routine

When it comes to caring for your beard, the type of products that you use on it can make all the difference.

For some men, when growing a beard for the very first time, they may simply just wash their beard in the shower with a standard bar of soap or just simply use some sort of generic shampoo that is readily available and call it a day.

But there is inherently a problem when you resort to such practices when maintaining a beard.

First and foremost, using a bar of soap is likely going to completely dry out and leave you worse off than when you started.

Therefore it’s important to understand the basics of beard care and the ingredients that make up a quality product:

Why Your Beard Needs To Have A Proper Care Routine

As your beard grows out it’s in need of essential hydration and nourishment.

When you use cheap and/or inferior products you are likely going to have some sort of residual side effects whether it is in the form of split ends or worse – beard flakes.

When it comes to your beard, it’s critical to understand what is going on beneath the surface of your skin in order to give your beard the best care routine possible.

At the root of every one of your beard follicles you have these tiny little glands called sebaceous glands.

These sebaceous glands are found everywhere on your body with the exception of your palms, feet, and lower lip.

These sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sebum oil. The goal for sebum oil is to keep your skin and hair follicles well hydrated and well nourished.

But here’s the kicker:

Your sebaceous glands can only produce so much sebum oil in a given day.

Therefore when you grow a beard, the sebaceous glands don’t necessarily increase their overall production of sebum oil.

This is a problem:

Being that the sebum oil is responsible for overall skin and hair hydration, there will be a point where your beard demands more hydration than what can be produced by your glands.

When you don’t take care of this problem, eventually your beard will begin to dry out.

A common problem that you will start to first encounter will generally be beard itch.

This beard itch will typically happen about one month into the beard growing process.

Many men will try to brush it off as simply a part of growing a beard and it will resolve itself on its own.

The problem though is that it simply doesn’t just go away. Therefore what will eventually happen is that men will get beardruff (i.e. dandruff for their beard).

This beardruff is essentially due to the very fact that your beard simply needs more moisture as the skin has completely dried out and has now begun to flake.

But that’s not all:

Beyond beardruff, the next problem that you are likely going to encounter is that your beard will essentially feel dry and scruffy.

While of course a scruffy beard may seem normal, if your beard is completely dry however, it will be much more susceptible to split ends.

Split ends, whether it’s the hair on your face or head, is effectively untreatable. Therefore the only way to resolve the unsightly look is through trimming up the ends with a pair of shears.

Therefore if you are serious about growing a beard, whether it’s for Movember or beyond, you want to take good care of it.

But how?

Enter Beard Oil – And Why It’s Critical To Proper Beard Care

When most men hear about beard oil, they chalk it up to just being something that is hokey, or likely not for them.

But unfortunately for a few of those men, they likely just need to understand what is in the beard oil and why it is so effective at making your beard look and feel absolutely terrific.

When looking on the side of any quality beard oil like the many offered here at Age of Beard, you will notice that they contain two primary ingredients: carrier and essential oils.

Here’s how they differ:

Carrier Oils Are What Cures The Beardruff and Provides Hydration

When it comes to looking at any sort of beard oil, at the top of the ingredient list you will likely see a carrier oil of sorts.

Carrier oils are what make up about 95% of any given beard oil and will typically come in several different varieties.

For instance, The Lumberjack Premium Beard Oil contains jojoba, argan, sweet almond, grape seed, and coconut oils.

This mixture of carrier oils will help to completely get rid of any beard flakes within a matter of a few applications.

Secondly, with regular application, you will also notice that this beard oil will help to also soften up your follicles tremendously as well.

Therefore your exposure to potential split ends should also be greatly reduced.

Carrier oils like jojoba oil aren’t necessarily specific to beard oils in general either. In fact many natural products ranging from shampoos and conditioners, lotions, lip balms, and even the premium soap by Age of Beard (just be sure to use the best safety razor if you decide to shave) – all contain carrier oils.

Jojoba oil is so prevalent in the high-end grooming world simply due to all of its terrific skin conditioning benefits along with it being so incredibly mild.

Essential Oils Are What Defines A Beard Oil

Now sure carrier oils may provide all the great nourishing abilities, but by and far one of the biggest takeaways with any beard oil is going to be the scent.

Scents in beard oils can smell downright terrific.

From the classic woodsy smell that so many beardsmen love found in The Lumberjack Premium beard oil or on the other end of the spectrum, a clean-cut scent that is considered fresh with a touch a zest like the Professional Premium beard oil – when it comes to selecting a beard oil, the options are truly limitless.

Now when it comes to essential oils, many men may not want a smell that is too terribly overpowering.

Being that essential oils are completely all natural, then the scent strength should be right up your ally.

You see, essential oils at first may tend to be a bit on the strong side, but typically within an hour or so after application you will notice that the smell quickly subsides and will be a natural compliment to your beard and one that shouldn’t be too off-putting for both you and those around you.

Beyond the scents of essential oils, they can also deliver great benefits as well. Many essential oils can be natural antiseptics of which will further help to reduce the prevalence of both beardruff and acne.

Beard Oil Will Up Your Beard Care Game

So whether its your first or hundredth time buying beard oil its critical to always pick up a high quality beard oil like the ones offered here in the Age of Beard shop.

Unlike some of the inferior beard oils that may use filler chemicals that could actually dry out your beard, the products offered by Age of Beard are completely all natural and will be the best way to improve your beard care game in order to make your beard look the absolute best.

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