WHAT MAKES A GOOD BEARD OIL FORMULA? Answers for bearded seekers.

Before you even read any of the information below, here is the core answer: Cold pressed carrier oils that are properly packaged.

Ever wonder how some companies are able to sell beard oil and balm extremely cheap? It has everything to do with the quality of the oil (the way these oils are extracted and processed).

It has always been my philosophy that anything that goes on my face should probably be safe and worth leaving on. Beard oil not only goes on your beard, but it should also be massaged into the follicle and skin. The purpose behind using beard oil is simply to maintain a shiny, healthy, itch and dandruff free beard.

The oils used in beard oil are supposed to deliver upon the promise above through their natural benefits; moisturize, revitalize, condition, nourish, and soften.

#1) In order for these oils to deliver the above benefits, they have to be extracted in a manner that helps the oil retain its natural properties. Oils are either extracted through a heat (expeller pressed) or cold (cold pressed) process. Expeller pressed oils (heat process) diminishes the benefits listed above…these oils tend to also be cheaper in price. What’s the point of using oil that has no beneficial properties?

#2) Beard oil also needs strong carrier oils. The main oils that you should look for in any beard oil (by law they should be listed in order on the label) are as follow: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan (expensive), and coconut. All four (or at least three) of those oils should be present in any beard oil you buy. Mind you, other oils are fine and great too (as long as they are combined with the above): Apricot, grapeseed, olive, sunflower, castor, hazel, and hemp….to name a few.

JOJOBA: Very close to skin oil, helps prevent acne, and great at moisturizing/revitalizing, also rich in vitamin E.

ALMOND: Prevents hair loss, strengthens hair, nourishes, moisturizes/revitalizes, rich in vitamin E.

COCONUT: Promotes growth, promotes strength/length, nourishes, rich in vitamins.

ARGAN: Moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes, non-greasy, non-irritating…and expensive! But AWESOME.

#3) Believe it or not packaging. You can use the BEST of the BEST oils, MIX IT like a pro, but ruin it by not bottling it up in the correct container. ANY BEARD OIL that is packaged in clear/see-through containers is useless. The light and heat will eat away at the oils, its properties, and benefits.

I hope this helps you make a good decision in buying your next beard oil!

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