Miami is mainly known for its night life, sunny beaches, and vibrant Latin culture(s). In other words, we are a toasty, fun loving, melting pot of a city. Our city has always put an emphasis on fashion and personal care alike. With a younger generation rising to stardom, our Design District and the increasingly artsy Wynwood are the spots to be. We have never put so much of an emphasis on the way we look, the way we express ourselves, and most importantly (at least for us ;D) the way we go about grooming.

There was a recent article on WHAL that excitedly reported this regarding Miami’s 2016 beard scene: “Sunshine, white sand and whiskers—it’s a recipe for happiness anywhere, but especially in Miami, where beards are abuzz.” – explaining the sudden rise of beard products and beard culture in our city.

The above article is a true expression of why Age of Beard exists. We are passionate about facial hair and think that there is nothing manlier than growing a beard. We are proud to say that we are Miami’s beard company. We have poured our hard work, sweat and tears into locally handmade beard products that help keep your beard game strong. We use nothing but quality all natural and organic ingredients in our beard products. Quality and excellence is something that our city has taught us.

Age of Beard started as a small project, something to share with friends and family. But, we have grown to become a small and thriving community. Backed by local barbershops and fellow Miami born companies/movements like CPR Barbers, Home Team Barbershop, Floridaarms, Fitness Pro, and Donk Universe (just to name a few), we hope to be on the way to stardom, much like our current generation.

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