May 27, 2016


There is no doubt that we currently live in an age of Beard. More and more men are simply prioritizing beard care in their day to day lives. The beards are in and seem to be here to stay. Here at Age of Beard we are beard and mustache aficionados and have put together a quick list that answers the why's of beard products:


Why Beard Oil?


Beard Oil is an essential part of growing, maintaining, and grooming your beard. Its main purpose is to ensure you have a healthy and well maintained mane. Oils are healthy for your skin and are designed to prevent dandruff (beardruff), itching, and hardening. In all beard products always look for oils like jojoba, sweet almond, and argan. These three oils are essential to any beard formula or beard products.


Why Beard Balm?


Beard balm is a mixture of beeswax, shae butter, and oils. Beard balm is meant to be used for shaping, styling, and holding. Beard balm is also used to take care of fly-away hairs that refuse to be tamed by not holding in place, and also help stop beard itch and beardruff by adding to the grooming process required to keep that manly mane healthy and strong. Fair warning, using too much beard balm can also cause your beard to harden and dry. A finger nail sized amount a day will be more than enough.


Why Beard Soap?


Beard soaps are an essential part of keeping a clean and conditioned beard. When it comes to soaps, we recommend staying away from damaging ingredients like harsh chemicals and detergents that can easily ruin your beard hair over time. These beard products should have ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil (babassu is great too!), and even goat’s milk! for moisturizing and cleaning power.


To conclude


There many other beard products like the boar bristle beard brush and mustache wax that deserve a quick mention due to the fact that we consider these products to be essential to beard care. In the future we will be writing about the importance of a good boar bristle beard brush.  


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