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Age of Beard premium beard balm is specially formulated with ingredients that shape, style, moisturize, condition, and protect your beard hairs. We only use premium quality all natural and organic ingredients that not only keep your beard hair in mind, but also those with sensitive skin. Our beard balms come in three different coined fragrances:

The Professional, a clean and fresh scented oil for the everyday working man with a tamed and maintained mane. The Lumberjack, a nature lovers scent with a touch of pine meant for the wild and full hearty. The Madman, an unscented oil that has all of the benefits while preserving your personal style and favorite scents. REVIEWS

All Natural and Organic Beard Balm

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Our beard balm is handmade with all natural organic ingredients. We only use premium ingredients that promote a healthy and strong mane. Our beard balm includes the essential Jojoba oil which deeply penetrates and moisturizes hair follicles while the Shea Butter and Beeswax style and shape your beard. Our products help stop beard itch, beard flakes (beardruff), keep hairs in place, and give your beard an intoxicating yet subtle fragrance.  

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